Time keeps passing along!

Its been several days since my first post…  My WordPress and I weren’t seeing eye to eye it seems. I would try to put in my password and it wouldn’t work…I would finally try to reset my password….it wouldn’t reset…..I would get disgusted with it and quit.  And many of those days were when I really needed to get it out of my system!  Last nite and today have been crappy!  I was up all nite last nite..running…if you know what I mean. Today, I have been like a wrung out dishrag as my mom would say..  Able to eat a little tonight so I’m feeling better. Maybe I can sleep in my own bed tonight! Last nite I was scared to get too comfortable and go into too deep of a sleep for things to have gone well..!

Besides that, Jimmy was home today also. He didn’t have to teach today so we both kept ourselves inside (except for me feeding the ladies and gathering the eggs).  But my mind is really slipping. LOL…been in my chair most of the time other than a few times I needed a drink or …..  I have a bad habit of gathering the eggs in my pouch of my sweatshirt…tonight I got up and when I came back, one had slipped out of the pouch and was sitting unharmed in my chair….WOW… the other one was still in my pocket..also unharmed!  Now I have not always been that lucky so I appreciate it when they are intact!  I had scramble 10 eggs this evening to mix with some rice and cayenne pepper (good for circulation) and taken it all out to feed the ladies their evening meal. That’s the only way I can get the 9 in their coop!  I have several who are too smart for their own good.!  All of them go in except a couple of the Black ones..they have to be tricked….then I go around and close their door before they get their beaks out of the food. Then I secure the people door!  Guess you have to be there….LOL!

My week has been spent working on a table. I like use recycled materials if possible. I began by using a footboard of a bunkbed…  Had planned to take it apart but this way I could put it to use as is. The slats of pallets fit nicely between the ends of the bunk board and still has the supports going end to end. Used Ritz dye to add color the boards but when I sanded and then used a dark stain, the color didn’t hold up and the grain really became prominent.  Plans are to re-sand the dark stain , put some color back into the boards and will now use a light stain and then polyutheraine everything. Oh yea, I’ve got to sand the legs down.., They are a different wood so the grain will show up differently,  Will try to get the legs done tomorrow and the first layer of stain and see how it all looks. Got to many hours in it for it to be ruined.!

Also have to measure a painted window and go to UPS and the USPS  and the bus station to find out the cost of packing/shipping this one pane window, It’s the silluette  one with the red birds.. Because it is a one pane window it is more fragile….may loose it in shipping. Right now its hanging on my wall to keep it in the safe mode.

My son had his retirement celebration on Friday the 20th..  Jennifer and Maycee got to go up early due to a snow day and got to go see the Haloucaust Museum in DC.  I really wanted Maycee to see it at an age when she could comprehend the gravity of it..   She loved it. Gave her mom and her time to discuss the comparison of the govt’s of that day and the movements of the govt’s of today.  I think that’s when the “gravity” of it really started to sink in with her.

The get together went well,, I really wanted more pictures since I wasn’t there but if I had a minute by minute picture …it would not be enough for this mama, “know what I mean”….?  I just didn’t want to miss this occasion.  I remember sending him off to boot camp and then to many of the future deployments. Some bothered me more than others.  I had a problem with Haiti because I knew that there were snipers everywhere and they didn’t care who they shot at and he wouldn’t see the bullet coming. Then I again had a problem with the second deployment to Iraq because by then I knew how dangerous it was. The last one was being sent for a short run to Afganistan.  You see, he lied to his mom before (kind of skipped over the facts/truths) when he was in Iraq the first time.  But from then on….I knew better.  The last short excursion to AFGAN was the hardest.

He does have to finish out-processing this week and get his trailer packed up and headed back down to Matthews.   Can’t wait for him to be a part of his family unit again for a while before they have to be separated again with his new job.

My daughter is so special,,,,,I don’t even know where to begin.  She is the most wonderful wife/mother/sister/etc you will every find. She is a woman after my own heart..   She is so organized,,,,so has it together…so everything!   I am so jealous of her ability to keep it all together!!! She has had it that way for so long..in hs and since then.  Sure gives me something to hold up to as a role model. Will talk later….




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