Well, so much for a daily blog!  Could give you a lot of excuses, however, in-between those excuses is just laziness. Had trouble with my password, health issues, kid’s health issues….see….I have so many legitimate excuses.! lol   For a while I was able to keep up with my paintings,,had to finally give up the Farmers Market with my windows because they were too heavy for me to handle and my husband’s back was getting worse. He’s not getting younger and getting up at 6am on Saturday am could not have been his favorite part of his week.  I finally just worked from home through the networking that I had done at the market.  Then I finally switched from the windows to canvases.  I am having to totally relearn my painting since glass and canvas seem to opposite. I think glass is much easier!  Others are scared to try glass! LOL

Started talking about my daughter in the last post…. there are not enough words to describe how much I admire her. She is a fragile young woman with her health but a bulldozer with her determination. She is such a great mom. She seems to have found that fine line of keeping her daughter in positive activities (school soccer, travel soccer, cross country, tennis, and then the school orchestra…oh…don’t forget that they live on a small 5 acre farm with 3 mules, 1 horse, chickens, 5 donkeys and once a yr..her 4-H steer. They have built a small herd of cattle at another location so Mayc doesn’t have to feed  them each day.,  She has reached the age that she is relieving her mom on the tractor when it comes to cutting/spreading/bailing hay for all the animals.  Jennifer has a pacemaker/diffulator since the age of 28.  Since Mayc is our miracle grand due to mom’s heart, I think our daughter takes extra measures to make great positive memories with her just “in case” her heart doesn’t make it one day.  From day one, she has raised to to be responsible for herself and today as a young teen, she can take care of the cooking/cleaning and care of everything else. Mom was a teacher so the value of education have certainly been instilled. The kid is a total package…Christian, self-disciplined with her school work (straight A’s), follows through with obligations, etc. If it sounds like I’m bragging…..I am!   I can’t believe God has blessed me with such strong Christian, moral productive grown kids. They in turn have married strong spouses and are raising Christian kids of their own..    Believe it or not, they have slightly different parenting styles…some I’m used to, others I just shake my head at and pray for the best. .LOL.. so far, so good. The grands are all teens and still doing well.  I have to laugh because my son has a son who is getting ready to turn 18 soon. They held him back one yr due to his ADHD..to get him on his meds. So he has one more year in h.s..  But this young man is SOOO much like his dad!  AND may I say, my son deserves this young man. My gs is such a sweet, sensitive, Christian young man who really has had a hard time in school!  Some has been his focusing and some has been his ability to be a social butterfly with all the girls. Tall and good looking.  He has become involved in classes in the Emergency Services and is working on his EMT level right now.  His ADHD may have kept him out of the military but the Lord may have just the right thing in  mind for him with this!

Now my other gd, is within 2 weeks of the other one but is so so different. She is our artsy/fartsy as we very affectionately call her. She will be out tree-hugger doctor. She too has a totally soft sensitive heart. I do love that youngun!  She came down and helped me build on my chicken coop that infamous summer.  She was willing to jump in and learn to handle all the tools and take on projects like getting the “people door” finished up.  She made me cry after she had gone back home that summer.  I was out at the coop and happened to be going out the “people door” when I looked down at the bottom for some reason and there in her handwriting was a not that said,  “I (heart) MaJay”…    She knew how much I wanted to have chickens in that coop so she made sure that the big door was able to be propped up and barricaded so the pullets would be safe and the got my husband to call and have them brought over and put in there!  Needless to say, she owns her part of my heart without question!

Have you heard enough about family yet!?  I promise to move on but at my age, most everything I do is centered around family.  I did do some sneaking things this week…and yes, its just in my nature from childhood!  I’m supposed to be careful about “over-doing” things and becoming too fatigued….imagine being an athlete most of my life and them be in a wheelchair a lot of the time and THEN told not to over do that!  LOLOL  Who are they kidding.   I had been after my dh to help me pick up and clean up around our shed and coops for quite some time.  Well, I got tired of waiting!  So I’ve been borrowing his truck (my car is in the shop right now), and each day I would do one thing..  like one day I kind of organized what needed to go,  another day I back his truck up to the pile and walked/leaned the old pallets on the tailgate and slid them in. Also loaded, old wire that I had folded over and over and stomped on, some small pvc pipe that I had finally taken my circular saw to and made pieces about 2-3 foot long, some stray pieces of boards which had set there and were no longer any good…..you get the picture.  Well off to the landfill I went.  I was already past what my worst fatigue point was but was so determined to get SOMETHING done.  Today, I finished up some of the stray stuff that needed taken off. There are still so much I want to do but my time is up! Tomorrow dh will get off early and will be back in that area of our yard with his lawnmower to get it ready for cutting on Saturday. So today was my last hooray!  But I did get something accomplished didn’t I?!   About things like that….I always say its better to ask forgiveness than permission.   One I will have to suck it up and deal with but the other…I wouldn’t have gotten anything done!  I’ll just deal with the storm afterwards..  Hey, after 48 yrs….what’s he going to do….?    He knows by now that I’m stubborn and most of the time he just shakes his head and keeps going.  Of course, it may be a little while before I get his truck again when he find out that it had been the central part of my plans all along. !   Talk to you all later folks.


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