Rain Rain Go Away !!

414267_256290101118162_138576872889486_588982_1492247713_oThis was supposed to post 4th of my posts which means like probably 2 yrs ago…  I feel like its been raining forever since I am restricted with my wheelchair….it CAN’T get WET !!!  Today is my appt for my 2nd iron infusion and I will be driving myself, getting my covered chair uncovered, lift down, roll into building and then reverse the process afterwards!  Yes, there are family  members who I could call on but my daughter has to arrange for someone else to pick up her child from school and my dear hubby  would have to get off work after a short break after tax season (he’s an accountant)..plus…I hate asking for assistance or help.  I just don’t want to burden anyone unless its necessary….I’ll figure this out, LOL, I hope.

Other than just griping about the weather, I’m great.  I have a new thing since I talked to you last time.  I had a port put in my R chest. Believe it or not,,,,I am so excited to have it !!!  I have terrible veins


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