When a door closes…

029Doesn’t look like a window does it?  How about

this one?  165

I had my life in order…just the way I had “my way” and I thought it was the Lord’s way! BUT….the career I had put off and worked toward most of my life came to a halt when I began falling…and then I realized my R hand had a tremor that at this point I could not ignore. How could I even correct my English papers when the students could not read my writing? Parkinsons..a hard reality to face…No…I will not give in! I did retire but remained angry and depressed for a year! I had worked min. wage jobs/part-time jobs almost all my life while being a stay-at-home mom of 2.  My kids were well grounded teens, my folks passed away and with the help of my DH, I went to college! 4 yrs later, I was starting my teaching career in middle age. Loved it! I was making a “professional” salary for my family which for some reason was extremely importantly to me! My illness went downhill for a year but leveled off…Parkinson’s doesn’t do that! No one knew. But at the same time my daughter had given me a Christmas present that I now look back at it as such a treasure. 2 paint classes!  I was doubtful but went. My teacher was also a “Godsent” person.  She instantly understood that I had a real emotional time even just being there. She started working with me using my L hand..basic movements which were very alien to me… I came home with a pretty picture frame that I had done with only my L hand!  How neat!  Finally, excitement in my life!  I went out to the nearest Michael’s and bought paint and brushes..and something else to work on. That was about 10 yrs ago and I still credit this with keeping me moving forward.. I love my windows although I’m beginning to have to use smaller windows, LOL.  For me its been a long journey but one the Lord had guided. HE truly closed a door when “I” had made all of my own plans for my life, but when I finally opened my heart to HIM again, I saw that HE had a “window” opened, just ready for my to take it.  My business name, “Wrong Handed Artist of Red Oak” has had many questioning….and me able to share HIS influence on my life. Turns out, I would be able to provide such a witness for the Lord just by realizing that the window the Lord had provided had been there all along. I just had to turn my life and “my” plans back to God to be able to see it and take advantage of it.  Enough for now…talk later.